Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Take Me Home, Country Road...

This is the dirt road that goes to our house, BB and Reynie's house, and Momma and Diddy's house! And, it connects to another little road that takes you to my Aunt and Uncle's house, as well as the house that started it all - my Grandmother's house... she is in heaven with our Lord, but the house remains. I have lived on this country road/property most of my life - I grew up here, as did my Diddy. I took several roads that led me out of this small town for brief moments in time, but not for long. There is just something about this place that is special. Things do change, and so has the look of this property, but there is alot of history here that is a strong bond between our family, and our friends. Thing is, we are not unique... I can tell of many other families in our community who live next to their relatives, and have also been here forever. Geoff's family is much the same... he grew up just like this, in the next small town 5 minutes down the "big road". I hope it can stay like this for years to come... it's a great place for children to grow up.

I have been a little in the dumps lately, and realized that only I could fix it... over the winter I had gotten somewhat complacent, and wasn't taking the best care of myself.

So, I decided I needed to start running again. My options were slim, as part of the "problem" is scheduling. Between the kids school, activities and other outside obligations, I'd taken on too many other projects as well. I really enjoy being involved, I always have - but overload is stressful, and I had reached it. Stress alone can send me into the dumps!

So, about the running... I used to love to run. It is so relaxing and helps keep me in shape. Of course, for a few years there I was either pregnant, nursing a newborn/baby, or pregnant again... I wasn't able to sleep, much less run... or think, shower, etc.

Last January I started to run again, and caught the fever... Somewhere in the summer I lost the fever (!), but I know it is just what I need now to get me out of this slump. It will also help me loose those few pounds that always make me feel terrible. We go on our annual trip to Cocoa Beach in about 6 weeks, and I want to enjoy being at the beach with our family... not worrying about putting on a bathing suit!

Well, I will always worry about that... but I don't want to be terrified.

Anyhow... I started last week on a whim. The kids and I were outside, and I was pulling them around in their wagon. They were loving it, so I decided we'd go up the road and into "town"...

After two or three days of that, and the shin splints I got from tugging them along, I decided I needed a jogging stroller! We had one when EJ was little, but I now needed a double. The double stroller we were using wouldn't hold the weight of both kids anymore, and wasn't good for running anyhow... so, after church on Sunday, we went and bought a new double jogging stroller that I am thrilled with. We have tried it out, and it is soooooooooooo much better than the wagon! (Yes, okay, Duh!) Seriously, it is perfect, and I am so thrilled to be out running again.

I can already breathe a little better knowing I am doing something good for myself, and my children are enjoying it too!


Playful Professional said...

Isn't running great once you get started? Good luck :)

Reynie said...

That is one thing you can definitely save for me when you are done with it!