Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Feline Family

We have always had lots of animals here at our home. As a child I can remember feeding the kittys outside, and when called to eat they would come from everywhere... the field, woods, under the house and out of the bushes. I think at one time we had over 50 cats (!), and many began as strays that folks would drop off on our land because they knew we would take care of them. Of course, before we could get them "fixed", some were pregnant, or got pregnant, and many were the little ones from these litters.

We took some away once to a dairy barn two towns away, but those cats were so smart many found their way back to us... much to my Daddy's chagrin, and my joy!

Oh, and we have had lots of dogs too - and I loved each and every one... Our sweet dog Maddie died just this past December, and we are considering a new one (or two?) for the kids summer birthdays...

Last year was hard on us as we also lost three of our cats - Inkabink, or "Tink" (Momma's cat), Tiger and Whisper.

But, thankfully, we still have these three beautiful cats who are a part of the family. The first one is Sugar... when he was born I swore he was a she, and I learned how to tell a cat's gender when I was Elizabeth's age. When we took the litter to be fixed, the vet told me that actually, Sugar was a male. Doesn't really matter now he's been fixed (!), but he is the sweetest cat I have ever known. He is also the softest, even though he is an inside/outside kitty. The kids can pretty much hold him upside down and he will let them. He used to reside here on this side of the field, but after EJ was born he decided to go to Momma's to live!

I don't blame him really, Geoff probably wanted to move then too... I was hormonal, we just had our first newborn who had severe reflux, and no one slept. Those were some long days and nights... really months if I am honest!

Next up is Sugar's brother, Booger. Geoff gave him this particular name because of the dark spot on his nose. it actually goes under one side, and looks like he has a booger. Seriously! "Boog Boog" as we somehow call him is a true hunter. He loves to go into the field and bring us mice as a way to show his love... many mornings I will wake to find one on my door step! (and yes, I am sad for the mice... that is another story!) He's a great cat who loves to play around.

And last, but not least is Tasha. She was from a litter of kittens that arrived on the scene a few weeks before EJ was born. (We had a lot going on when she was born - adding to the crazy stress that made those first months a wild ride for us all!) Anyhow, in the mix of it all we called her Mustache, for the white around her mouth... later changing it to a more feminine nickname of Tasha. She is a sweet kitty too, more timid than the others, but really wants to be the inside cat. Not happening right now, but I do miss my inside kitty, so maybe one day...

EJ and Cub love each one, and have learned (still learning) to be gentle and and kind when petting and playing with them. Truth be known, Geoff is even smitten with Sugar, and he is more a "dog" kinda guy. They are truly part of our little world here, and have brought us a lot of joy.

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Reynie said...

so jealous! i am getting a kitty this summer for sure!