Friday, July 11, 2008

On the Road Again

We are headed out for another little adventure this afternoon. I am not prepared, and before I can get us all ready, we are going to the city park with the Mom's Club I am in... I signed up to be the craft coordinator for the summer, and so last night I came up with something I hope the kids will enjoy.

For those of you who may not know me, I am a procrastinator... I do my best work the later it gets. Some things never change!

Then, after the park, we'll grab some lunch, go home and I will furiously pack a bag or two! We are headed out to Tallahassee, Florida and a large family reunion, on my Momma's side.

There will be my parents, Aunt and Uncle, two kids in car seats and myself in a Suburban, charging down the road this afternoon... my husband has a busy day tomorrow with church activities and some tractor pull preparation (plus looking out for the puppies!), so he won't make the trip this go round.

It will be a quick little jaunt, as we will be back late Saturday night... so, I leave you with these pictures of Buzz and Jesse until then. They are getting the potty training business better now we changed our strategy, thank goodness!

Yall have a great weekend!


Kelsey said...

Have an awesome time!

Reynie said...

Y'all have a wonderful time! Wish we could go but BB's got the tractor pull stuff and then kenny on Sunday. You'll be in my old stomping grounds down in t-town! If you get a chance, take a drive thru the FSU campus. It is a pretty place. Look for the Tri-Delta house--it's near the Bill's Bookstore on Park Ave (across from the big water fountain on main campus). Tally is a great town! I'm sad now that we're not going...