Monday, July 14, 2008

The Family Reunion

We survived the trip to Tallahassee, but it sure did take us forever to get there. I never in my life dreamed we'd make it Friday night... the kids were tired and fussing with each other (and me!), the Suburban (though large) was cramped with all us in there, and we decided to stop in Dawson for supper at a Huddle House.

Oh my word was that a long wait! There was only one waitress, bless her heart, and one cook... bless his too. There weren't really that many folks in the restaurant, but it was a lifetime before she even got our drink order. EJ was sulking because, well, she's 5 remember? And Cub was pretending to be Buzz - trying to get up on top of the booth and fly from the top, all the while loudly announcing he was going to "infinity and beyond!"

I would have gladly boarded any spaceship available at that time myself.

We made it to the hotel, and it was late. The kids had gotten about a 5 minute snooze just as we pulled into the city limits of Tallahassee, so of course they were now wide awake.

The next morning we got up early and went to the pool, then the hotel's continental breakfast, went back up and got dressed, re -packed the bags and took off for the reunion. I was exhausted from it all by the time we got to the event center, but it was great to see everyone. There were a lot of family I had not seen in many years, some I don't think I have ever met before, and EJ and Cub were the hit of the show. EJ drew pictures for her cousins, and Cub charmed them with his flying skills...

This is a picture of our branch of the family tree... not nearly everyone was able to make the trip this year, but the three siblings all made it with their significant others. On the front row is my Aunt Runelle (Momma's sister), with Uncle Gene behind her. Then my Momma, Betty, with my Daddy, Bill, behind her. EJ is in her lap. Then there is me, with Cub in my lap, and my Uncle Melvin (Momma's brother) behind me. His wife, my Aunt Sarah , is sitting next to me. My Grandmother died last May, or she would have been there if physically able.... she loved her family more than anything. Well, except Jesus of course!

Our trip home was less eventful than the way down. We avoided the infamous Huddle House, and in turn went to one of our favorite places, Cracker Barrel. The kids were still fussing, but hey, who could blame them really? It is a long ride for kids, regardless. We watched two Veggie Tales movies, and began Return to Neverland twice before I think I dosed off. The kids kept awake the entire way home!

One interesting thing we did do on the way home was stop at Mack's Melon Market... we got a great watermelon to eat this weekend. The kids loved the kids swing sets, and they had sunflowers in their field too!

Look at those huge watermelons!


Kelsey said...

Your hotel room looks like a childs play house haha I love it! Glad the trip back was uneventful!

Reynie said...

Looks like you had fun! Sorry we missed it. Next year for sure!