Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Time!

Oh boy... Diddy just called me to let me know.

The corn is ready for picking, shucking, silking, creaming, blanching, bagging and freezing. And, of course, eating. I can not wait to get some of the first batch... there is nothing like fresh corn from the field, creamed or on the cob.

We eat it like it is ice cream here...

Diddy was on his way in from a late night at work, and decided to check the corn in the fields as he drove down their driveway. Sure enough, it's show time yall! You may think I am playing it up, but I kid you not - sometime in the next few days we will have ourselves a "party" of sorts. Probably a few of them... Our entire family gets involved, like it or not, and gets a job. I usually silk, blanch and bag it. Our kids play with all the worms we pull from the shucks, get real muddy from the Georgia red clay we have here, and see who can eat the most corn... uncooked at that.

I am not surprised to get the call tonight... I knew it was about ready, as it usually falls the very same time each year, depending on when planted of course. For the past few years it has been the same weekend as the kids birthday party. It just makes the whole process that much more crazy, and is only par for the course.

My brother Billy (otherwise known as Uncle BB, the Rock Star here at our house) and Uncle Milton are the ones to thank for planting it all, and so here is a BIG THANK YOU!

I will be sure to have the camera, as some of my favorite pictures happen at corn picking time. Tall tales get told, sweet tea and beer get passed around according to preference, and bags and bags and bags of "gold" are stored away in all our freezers for the year ahead.

Come winter, as the corn is cooking on the stove and the aroma fills the kitchen, I always remember these sweet summer days, and the family gathering together to make it all happen.

And, the red dirt from the fields in the kids clothes, big fat worms that my kids will deem as their new pets, and endless barrels of corn to silk.

Precious memories are made of this.

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Kelsey said...

I just love corn! What fun!