Friday, July 18, 2008

A Field of Corn

As I told yall a couple days ago, the corn is ready. I fully expect tonight we will be covered in silks and the kids will have found new pet worms... if not tonight, then Sunday will be the magic day. Tomorrow is the kid's birthday party, and that is all this Mommy can take in one day. It'll be at a "jumpy" place in a town close by, and there will be kids in age from 2 on up to jump and bounce as we celebrate EJ's 5th, and Cub's 3rd birthday.

Yesterday we went over to Uncle Bud and Aunt Betty Jo's house for lunch. Family is in town from South Georgia, and a lunch was prepared. Garden fresh sliced tomatoes, corn, and green beans, along with a huge ham. For dessert, a lemon zest coconut sprinkled cake that was delicious, and I am not a coconut fan. But this was awesome...

Bud and Betty Jo, along with their son Kirk and his new wife Stephanie have a family owned dairy. Above is a picture of one of the corn fields, by their house. You can see the dairy in the background.

Now, this is a corn field yall. Sure, it is for the cows, but I always love seeing it nonetheless... it is really an awesome site as you stand by it. Really!

Never one to be without the camera, Aunt Betty Jo, Nana and I decided we'd get the kids picture by the fence, in front of the corn. It took a little coaxing, but we got my nephew Jeffrey and EJ out there without much trouble. Cub was a different story... he wanted to go in the corn, not sit on that silly fence! He was very adamant about it too, and cried me a river about why he was not going to have his picture taken on the fence.

He was going in the corn... got it?

So, I have no cute pictures of Cub, except his for the one of his back, as he heads into the forest of corn below. I did manage to get a couple of EJ and Jeffrey, but they were headed into the corn field themselves!

Happy Friday! I hope yall have a great weekend!


Kelsey said...

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!

Reynie said...

Let me know when we are gettin' busy on the corn and I'll be there to help!

happyathome said...

Don't get lost in the corn!!! Great pictures, love the sunflowers.