Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just a Few More...

Okay, so I lied. I didn't mean to, it just happened that way!
I was done with sunflower pictures, I really was... for the year anyway.
Until yesterday. Yesterday was a test of my patience here at the house... no naps for the kiddos and lots of "boredom".
So, what does any self sacrificing Mommy do in that situation?
I picked out some clothes, got the kids dressed, grabbed our camera and went outside to see what we could find.
At the moment, sunflower fields are what we find, along with corn just about ready for eating...
I also got some pictures of the kids in the field between our house, Momma and Daddy's and BB and Reynie's. I'll share some of those along the way too, but I always love the sunflower ones best.
Even when my son moves so fast he is usually blurry, it just reminds me how active he is. And when EJ gets moody and doesn't want her picture taken... well, she's 5 now. She knows it, as she reminds me hourly. I just move on, and then she usually forgets her little mood, and joins back in the fun.


Reynie said...

I think the one with Cub in between the rows of sunflowers is my fav. it's adorable.

And just wait until EJ turns 16... that will be moody!

Sorry couldn't chat yesterday but talking to my Mom--trying to get her and Dad on a flight.

Kelsey said...

Oh these are just gorgeous!

Mamacita said...

Oh, these pictures are just beautiful! I'd love to live near the sunflowers like this. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)