Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Family Gathering

Last night we gathered up in the front sunflower field, by Aunt Betty's house. Taking family pictures is sometimes a tiny bit stressful, and really it is more because of the kids not wanting to, you know, stand still! (Even for just a little second!) Or, look at the camera for goodness sakes, and just try to smile for me at all... but, I've come to expect that, so I just go with it.

Kudos to Reynie for taking this photo of Geoff and me... have I mentioned I do not like pictures of myself? I love pictures of Geoff though... ain't he cute?!

Here is the family picture... Momma, Diddy, BB, Reynie, Me, Geoff, Elizabeth and Cub! Cousin Karla took this picture for us, so a big thank you to her too - we are actually all looking in the same direction and everything!

Now it wouldn't be a good post if I didn't include one of our babies, though I post one of them most every single day... I captured one of them both still, looking at the camera, and grinning! Actually, I really took a better one, but I just loved Cub's expression in this one, so I decided to share it instead.

This is Momma and Diddy... I think yall know I am a BIG Daddy's girl, but my Momma is one of my best friends. I am very blessed.

This is my brother Billy (BB) and Reynie. They just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary in May... congratulations!

I am so glad Geoff took this picture of the three of us... though I still don't like pictures of myself, I will probably frame this one too...

This is a picture of us, along with Aunt Betty, and cousin Karla... we had a lot of fun taking these family pictures. The kids were just happy to run through the rows and play with the dogs, but I am happy with the results of the evening. We'll have lots of pictures to share, and frame for our homes.

This is my cousin Renee (Aunt Betty's daughter) and her husband Evan, with their 4 month old, Addyson. I took their pictures the night before last. Sunflower pictures around here are popular!

Are yall on sunflower overload yet?! I think we are too, for the season... I will be taking some more of other family/friends - but unless I just can't stand it, I promise the sunflower posts are done!


Playful Professional said...

I absolutely love the sunflower set in these pictures. So bright and cheery.

Reynie said...

They all turned out so GREAT! Love them. I'm gonna link over here from my blog.

Kelsey said...

Wow these are awesome photos!