Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The weather man was right... it IS snowing!!!

It is really snowing!

At Cub's Mommy and Me program this morning (it's called Laptime, and held at the county library), we talked about snowflakes and snowmen... it must have worked because it is snowing here!

The view to my parents house, through our rock garden...

Now, if it would only stick... I'd love for the kids to have the opportunity to see it all white on the ground...

I was just at Reynie's house ( God, do you hear this Southern girl rambling? blogger and my sister in law) for a meeting... after it was over we were chatting, and when I turned to leave we saw the white stuff coming down! We were like two kids, and I rushed home to see if my kids were awake.

Mom was here watching them and so we gawked at the snow a bit... we live in the south, and snow is a rare thing here. Usually we get some snow flakes, and then a lot of ice. EJ was still awake so she got up to look. Absolutely thrilled, she immediately asked if she could go outside to make snow angels!

Um, it's snowing, but not snow angels snowing... we will be lucky for it to stay around long enough to pile up anywhere. It has happened in my lifetime, but maybe twice, and not for long!

Cub's Laptime artwork...
I don't know why his snowman has a black eye!

We have church activities tonight that are likely to get cancelled , so I think I will get the kids up and go outside to play for a little while... it may be a long time before they see this again!

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