Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tag! You're it!

My Sister in Law, Reynie (God, do you hear this Southern Girl Rambling?) has tagged me for a Meme. For most of you who read my blog (again, all 5 or 6 of you now, my awesome family and friends!) a Meme is probably as foreign to you as it was to me before I began this little blogging adventure... basically, I answer the same set of questions that Reynie did on her blog, and link to some other bloggers for their answers.

I am all for it - I love games, and it is interesting to see what other people will put for their answers. It is also a nice way to get to know someone new... thing is, I do not "know" that many folks here in the world wide web!

When Reynie began blogging I thought it was a great idea, and a good place for me to begin writing down the things I don't want to forget about our children. Besides writing for a local magazine, I haven't really written in years, and this is what I went to college for. That is, before I switched my major from journalism to broadcasting... I wanted to be the next Barbara Walters, but she has still not retired, so I was a flight attendant for 12 years, waiting... then I had babies. Maybe she'll retire by the time the kids are in school, and I go back to work full time?!

Since that first post in November of last year, I have pretty much kept to my own little space, checking out others blogs along the way, but never leaving too many comments... not because I didn't enjoy reading their blog, but because I feel like the new girl in class!

So, below are my answers, and here is my own way of tagging someone without them wondering who I am... If you are here and reading this (?!), please leave me a link to your blog with your answers... or, just answer here in my comments if you prefer. I will visit and introduce myself, stepping out of the box a little more!

Love/Hate Meme

I love to eat: Veggies! I have not eaten meat in many, many years... but my family sure does!
I hate to eat: Obviously meat, but since I don't eat it at all I will say eggs. I do eat them sometimes for protein, all smothered in ketchup!
I love to go: To Cocoa Beach with the family every summer, and to the cabin in Dahlonega with the family every fall!
I hate to go: To the grocery store with both of my kids in tow.... not the best idea!
I love it when: The kids snuggle up to me while I read their goodnight book before bed...
I hate it when: Laundry and dishes pile up - time is too short sometimes!
I love to see: The DVD Geoff made for our wedding rehearsal... it is awesome!
I hate to see: Any animal hurting or abused
I love to hear: Geoff singing with his guitar, and the kid's laughter
I hate to hear: The kid's whining and fussing with each other!

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Reynie said...

yea!! you did it! hey peeps who read this, add a comment to Miss Ang here with your answers! play in the fun!