Friday, January 4, 2008

Sweet "Maddie Lynn"

We lost a dear member of our family last Sunday... Maddie, our beautiful dog, passed away sometime during the night and Geoff found her on Sunday morning.

Maddie would have been 13 years old this April, so she was getting to be quite an old southern lady, in dog years - especially for such a big dog. We all knew her time was coming... she had lost a lot of weight and energy this past year, but she would still love on us like she was not aching at all.

Geoff got Maddie as a puppy to be a companion for his other Rottweiller, Rick... this was back when he and I were not dating, and I didn't see him that much (so hard to imagine that now!). I believe all 3 of them (!) were "thisclose" , and when I came back into the picture Maddie was in her prime. Rick had passed on to heaven (yes - I believe in that!) sometime earlier, but Maddie was in fine shape - and all about her master. I could see the adoration in her eyes for him, and I knew he loved that dog.

I loved her immediately - she really was just so sweet and ready to please. I loved her kisses.

But my cats were not so sure.

*BIG dog (she weighed more than me!), though harmless and with sweet nature, but zilch experience with cats + large family of farm cats, some with attitude = a little Trouble

So, the blending of our little family was interesting for a bit, but we worked it out.

As our children were born they both fell in love with her too. She stayed in a large pen connected to our wooden fence, and next to the kids playground and sandbox. I will never forget her excitement when we went out to play, or the joy of the kids laughter as she offered thousands of big 'ol sloppy dog kisses. She was a big dog, and we have small kids, but Maddie was gentle and kind. She only wanted to play and love on us - and we have lots of beautiful memories to remember about just that.

That is what I tried to tell the kids last Sunday morning as we stood in Maddie's pen for her little funeral. The tears were flowing from all of us, including Ganmomma and Gandiddy. Uncle BB had come to help as well, but had left before our goodbyes began. The tears in Geoff's eyes were as heartbreaking as the kids - I think even more so as I knew the connection they had.

The rain was picking up, and it had turned a bone chilling cold, so I was thankful to God that Maddie was up in heaven with new energy, an eternity of spring weather and the chance to run and play without pain.

We will miss her greatly.

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Reynie said...

RIP Miss Maddie!