Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow again!?

I just heard it on the news... snow is coming our way again!

Supposedly, by Saturday morning, we will be seeing more of the white stuff... and this time it will be lots more than the "dusting" we saw yesterday. The kids will be thrilled as they were so upset to wake this morning and find what we did have was melted...

I will be excited myself... there is just something about snow here that is kinda magical, and maybe it's because we don't usually have any?

I have lived in many places that have snow on a regular basis... I worked on a ranch in Colorado for a couple seasons and the snow I saw in the Rockies was unbelievable, and beautiful. As a flight attendant I traveled to many cities that were snow bound, and lived in Boston and up in Whitehorse, in the Yukon Territory of Canada for awhile as well. I have never been THAT cold in my life again, and though it was awesome to see that area, I hope to never be THAT cold again! Brrr!

All that to say is it is different here... it is unusual and therefor more exciting, I think...

Now, maybe it will snow just enough for EJ to make those snow angels she dreamed about.

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Reynie said...

I hope it snows enough to take some good pictures!