Monday, January 28, 2008

I love Baby Showers!

On Saturday we had a baby shower for my cousin, Renee.
She and her husband Evan are expecting a baby girl in a couple weeks, and this was the last shower before the big day... whenever that day may be!

(somewhere around Feb 12th, when she hopes to be induced if she hasn't gone into labor on her own - they told Renee last week the baby was already 7 pounds! She is a tiny bit worried because babies in our family come big...)

It was a dessert shower, and the kids were in heaven. Sugar was everywhere, and everyone loves to give the cute kids sugar at a baby shower... cookies, cake, brownies, pie and mints, oh my!

What I wanted to share with yall was this, though - see the picture below of the fruit arrangement - WOW!

It was awesome... Renee's Aunt Phyllis, who used to be BB's and my babysitter when we were kids, had this made. It was a huge hit, especially the chocolate dipped strawberries...

The shower went well... Renee got some very cute things, we saw a lot of our family and good friends, and I caught "baby fever" all over again. I try not too, but I just love all the adorable things for babies! And little girl clothes are just precious... but we are really complete with two, and I am okay with that. I have cousins and friends (and someday soon a sis in law!) who can have the sweet babies and I will go visit to get my little baby fix.

At least when the little thing has a bad diaper I can hand them back to their sleep deprived Mommies - I am still changing diapers myself, so I already have my share of that duty...

Now, if you read Reynie's blog you will see a picture of her sister Stephanie and myself with our cameras in action... here is the opposite side of that photographic standoff...

Stephanie and I were on the same cheerleading squad when we were kids (maybe 12 years old?), and Reynie was the mascot... who would have thought that someday she would marry my brother? There is a group shot somewhere of that squad, and one of them will be scanning it in as soon as they read this, I fear it. So, let me go ahead and say that it isn't flattering for me at all... the early 80's were a time of bad hair cuts and I had even bigger glasses, but I can handle it yall! Bring it on!

3 and a half days left until the LOST season premier!


Stephanie said...

I can't wait for LOST, I am so excited. I will have my cell phone with me in Atlanta so I will be calling you.

Stephanie said...

I can't wait for LOST, I am so excited. I will have my cell phone with me in Atlanta so I will be calling you.