Friday, January 11, 2008

The weather and other ramblings...

The weather is nice again here, and I have to say I am thankful for the warmer temperatures. I know it doesn't feel like January, but that is fine with me. After the holidays we all got what I call "the crud" (something flu like is all I can say) and at the same time it was frigid outside as well... we are still recovering from it all.

The kids playing outside on their "4 Wheelers" from good 'ol Santa Claus!

I am STILL trying to get my Christmas cards out! I have to re-write the letter I always include, but I am going to get those cards out...

This week we are getting back into the swing of our "normal" routine... but what is normal, really?

For me it is usually chaos, with planned activities included on certain (most) days. Let's see... three days of Pre-K, EJ's dance class, Cub's Mommy and Me class, church on Sundays and Wednesday nights with AWANA, nursey and Children's Choir, and various other meetings for whatever club or committee Geoff and I are on as well. Oh yeah, and sometimes I add in a freelance writing assignment for a local magazine I work with...

Our house always looks like it needs attention, and I never knew laundry and dishes could pile up so fast!

In my mind I am still organized and the house is not really that messy ... but in reality, well, sometimes I just can't face reality!

In saying all that, I still would not change this "new" reality for the old one - ever. Having this never ending mound of housework and chaos is all so worth it to be married to the right person, have two beautiful children who we love so much, and the opportunity to be involved in the things we are. Who cares the laundry is a mile high?!

(Okay, if I am honest, I do care that I can't see over the laundry sometimes, but I am working on it... )

EJ is quick to learn, and asked me today why God made the earth. I was fixing to come up with an answer I thought would be easy for her to grasp when she said "I know Mommy... God made the earth because he loves us so much and wanted us to have a home." She was so proud of that answer, and I was too. I absolutely love church Pre-K and all that she learns there. My heart swells when she sweetly sings the Bible songs I remember from childhood and being at a church school.

Cub is beginning to talk much better, and he can even say his sister's name! Elizabeth is a hard name for such a little one to say, but I am impressed with his ability to get that one out... he still thinks he is Buzz Lightyear, and is adorable when he decides to "fly" instead of walk anywhere. He'll say "Mommy, me fly like Buzz" and off he goes, arms held out like wings, into the wild blue yonder. Usually the playroom - that is his domain... and right now it is in serious need of the invader called Mommy to go in to tidy it up a bit.

So, off I go while they nap to clean up something... where do I begin?!

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Stephanie said...

Who knew that staying home with our kids would keep us busier than when we worked. The work never seems to end, but neither does the love. Call me sometime and we will scream together.