Friday, December 14, 2007

Kids Christmas Trees

EJ and Cub each have a tree in their room this year. Last week they got out the ornaments to decorate their trees, and as bad as I wanted to, I didn't help.

Well, okay... I did give a few "suggestions" as to where they might like to place the ornaments, but they really hung every one!

Cub's tree is actually a mix of a few things... there are John Deere ornaments, airplanes and some Santa's on there this year. "Cub" is a nickname from the J3 Piper Cub airplane, which has a lot of meaning for us, hence the planes on his tree. Thing is he only wanted to "fly" the planes instead of hanging them, but they finally came in for a nice landing on some of the branches... I think he is born to fly, as is his Daddy.

The John Deere tractors are also near and dear to our heart... Cub loves to watch Uncle BB and other family members plow the fields around our house, and Grandiddy is in charge of a big tractor pull every year. So you know Cub had to plow a few rows of carpet with the ornament tractors before they made it safely on his tree. He is very excited to have "Cub's Tree". He says "I do it!" and is super proud of his decorations.

I believe I must have mentioned it before - EJ's favorite color is PINK. Her tree is made of pink feathers and white lights... "just like Cinderella's!" she exclaimed. I can probably imagine that Cinderella might have a tree like this, and so I nodded in agreement with our sweet little Princess.

She was in pink heaven as she placed every pink ornament on that pretty pink tree... she even has the picture of Cinderella and herself sitting right there beside it. This photo was made at Disney World last summer, and she is very proud that she has actually talked with the princess... (She was truly so incredibly star struck that she could hardly breathe, but bless her heart she did manage to nod her head and smile).

We have now called "Cinderella" to tell her all about the pink tree (I have great friends!) and have wished her a very Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Yall!

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Reynie said...

I can hear Cub saying... "I do it!"