Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let it Snow! Yes, yall... in Georgia!

It snowed!

It really snowed this time too... we calculated it at about 3 to 4 inches, which in our terms is quite a lot of the white stuff. Usually when "snow" is in our forecast we get a nice little dusting and it's over as soon as it falls... this time it snowed all afternoon and into the night, leaving us in a beautiful winter wonderland of white.

Our children were absolutely thrilled... they had so much fun making (and throwing!) snowballs, and creating snow angels...

Did I mention the snowballs?

School was closed on Friday (day of the snow fall) and after spending most of the afternoon playing outside with the kiddos, I was frozen. EJ and Cub were too, but they would never admit to it, and were still ready to get back outside... it was getting dark though, and those little hands and feet needed a break!


That evening it was really nice to go my brother Billy and Reynie's house for a family supper. They live down the dirt road from us here on the family "compound" as we (semi) jokingly call it. This past August they had a beautiful baby girl, their first child, Kimberly Grace... she is such a sweet baby, and they are such good parents.

We went back early enough to see Kimberly before her bedtime, and then all enjoyed spending time with family. Momma and Diddy were there as well, and we had a nice evening inside, as the snow still fell outside.

The next morning I got up before sunrise to get some pictures... all of the pictures I posted here are from my morning trek... I made lots of them, and posted more on facebook, but for some reason it takes forever for pictures to upload here on blogger?

I know, more of the technical stuff I don't understand, but just accept!

By Saturday afternoon, believe it or not, most all of the snow had melted away... I have to say I wasn't too upset, but did miss the serenity of it. I find snow beautiful and fun to photograph, but I am not a big "cold weather" girl.

I am (patiently!?) waiting on spring... Easter is 6 weeks away, and I am ready for warmer temps, beach trips and the more unstructured days of summer ahead!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

wow..angela...gorgeous photos! Thanks for the visit...I haven't talked with you in forever!

tootie said...

The snow looks so beautiful! But I agree - I'm ready for warmer weather!

P.S. Thanks for the compliment on my header! I'm clueless when it comes to designing, so I went to Summer for help:
She was wonderful to work with!!

Reynie said...

Love all the snow pictures! They are so pretty. It totally changes the landscape and how I view it. Makes it gorgeous!

Prasti said...

angela, those photos from your walk are gorgeous! i can't believe you got that much snow in GA! what a treat. i wish ours would melt already ;)

Anonymous said...

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