Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meet Mr. Lily...

Well, since I have been away from this blogosphere we gained a new family member.

HIS name is Mr. Lily, and trust me, please don't try to explain to our daughter that, yes, this IS a male cat.

You won't get very far.

Elizabeth is so sure that our Mr.Lily is a girl that she named him Lily, after one of her best friends. After trying many times to let her know that her Lily was a HE, I gave up and renamed him Mr. Lily... it's actually kinda funny now.

Yall should have seen the vet when Mr. Lily first went in for shots and such... but I am sure they see a lot of strange names.

Mr. Lily came to us by accident, in the midst of the crazy house remodel. Lee, Geoff's sister, found him in the engine of an old cadillac, at a gas station in South Carolina. She was coming home (here) for Cub's birthday party and had to stop and get gas. As she was pumping gas, a guy pulled up on the other side in an old caddy... while they were standing there, both waiting for their tanks to fill, they began to hear a small "meowing" sound. After pin pointing this to the hood of this old guy's car, Lee asked him to open it up.

Soon as he did Lee saw this tiny little orange kitty pop up, out near the engine. He was covered in oil, and not much bigger than 3 weeks old. She immediately wrapped him in a towel from her car and brought him with her.

On her way home, she called me with the news. She had already saved 2 other cats last summer, and knew she couldn't keep this one. Surprisingly, when I asked (begged) Geoff for the kitty, he said yes!

We had a new member of the family...

Since then Mr. Lily has truly added more fun to our home. He is not really a lap cat like I was used to, but loves to play. We bought some jingly balls that he likes to punt around, and if you can't find him all you have to do is pick up on of those balls and shake it. Mr. Lily will come running!


Zip n Tizzy said...

Sweet Mr. Lilly.
Some day she'll understand that nearly all orange-anishes, as they were called in our parts growing up, are boys, and all callico's are girls. There is the occasional exception to the rule, but it tends to hold true.
For now Mr. Lilly is a great compromise.
One other thing I've found to hold true is that all orange-anishes are true characters, and like their human red headed counterparts, quite rascally.
Nice to see you and your sweet Meow.

wfbdoglover said...

Mr. Lilly is very handsome! He looks like my Charlie RIP, October '09)

Reynie said...

Glad you're back! That mr. lily!