Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Fall Yall!

Well... I found my way back!

I haven't been far away, usually on facebook these days, and reading everyone else's blog. I am sure I mentioned it before, but it's more difficult to get to this blog now that I have changed my email, and they won't let me change it here even though it's a Google address?!

Don't sweat the small stuff, right?

Right... =)

So, as usual, lots has happened since spring. Too much to try and catch up with here unfortunately, but the good news is all is well... the summer was wonderful, and we went on a lot of nice trips. EJ turned 7, with a birthday trip to the American Girl Atlanta store, and Cub turned 5 with a party at Chuck E. Cheese... our babies are growing up!

I turned around and they weren't babies anymore... Cub even began dressing himself, and doesn't want me to even help him usually. It's nice in the mornings when things are so busy I appreciate one less thing to help do, but then again he's the baby!

I miss him needing my help...

He still gives great big ol hugs though, and kisses too IF his buddies aren't looking... I treasure those! He's a very caring little guy, but ALL boy just the same.

EJ is still such a sweet little girl, but now that she is in 2nd grade I can see glimpses of the teenager she will become... as the firstborn, she is very independent and has a strong will, but she's got a soft side and tender heart. Her prayers at night tell you all you need to know... =)

They are awesome... we are so blessed!

Geoff and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary in September, and my friend Laura and I celebrated our 40th birthdays at Hilton Head beach not long after. She turned 40 in July, and I will be 40 in December... Geoff doesn't turn 40 until next August, so he still has a little while!

We also celebrated in July as our sunflowers once again graced the fields, alongside the corn! After a summer off (due to the economy and increase in the cost of fertilizer), brother Billy planted these beautiful flowers in abundance, and I took the above picture late one day at the height of the crop. We got lots of great pictures this summer, but the sunflower ones are always at the top of my favorite ones... I will have to update the pictures here on my blog soon with some from this summer.

The 16th Annual Turin Tractor Pull was a huge success, and everyone enjoyed the new Turin Tractor Pavilion. We had the biggest crowd ever, and Geoff also got the website up and running. If you would like to check out the fun, go to and see all the cool tractors.

I am still playing around with photography, and love taking pictures of almost everything... but the kids are still my favorite of all.

This picture was taken right before Kimberly Grace's 1st birthday (brother Billy and Reynie's daughter, our niece), here behind our house.

Aren't they cute?! =)

Well, tomorrow is coming quick, and we will be heading to Lake Oconee for a family reunion, so I will wrap this post up for now.

I hope to be back soon, but I never know... between trying to stay off facebook, all the many kids activities, church and housekeeping I may be awhile...

But I hope not... I still like it here, and every time I come back I get the writing bug again.

(See Momma and Diddy? I do use my college degree... occasionally!)

Nowadays I just need to know how to drive... back and forth to kids activities and church! Wouldn't change it for anything in the world though...

(Can somebody out there help me change my email? That really will help me out a lot... better yet, why won't a Google based blog not let me use a Google email?)

Either way, Happy Fall Yall!

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Reynie @ Southern Girl Rambling said...

no idea on the google thing... you are such a talented writer and photographer. i love to see the pics and read your stories.